About us

At Actors Clan you get assistance to cultivate the qualities of an actor through various available acting and theatre courses in Indore. We not only provide you with the theories of acting and articulation but we also make you learn the skill of living as a character. Actors are not structured, they are distinct and innovative personalities. Embrace your skills and innovation with Actors Clan(acting & theatre academy, Indore).


The mission of Actors Clan (an acting and drama college in M.P) is to assist the upcoming artists. An actor learns from his/her surroundings and observation primarily. We aim to guide students with the methods of acting, traditional methods as well as pristine methods in the available acting courses in Indore. We aim to promote versatility in our students. We allow students to acknowledge the difference between reel life and real life. With consistency, dedication, and correct assistance a student can give his/her best in the field.


Actors Clan, an acting and drama academy in M.P envisions delivering the best actors in the field with available acting courses in Indore. We desire to train artists who have proficiency in the industry. Actors have unstructured and distinct personalities. We at Actors Clan mold students in the same way for them to acquire excellence in the field. We desire to train characters, lives, and emotions.